We had done some news about the pollution, the climate change, and a lot information as we mentioned, but never had tell you what is the pollution in the air? We mean THE HIGH SOUND!


 It’s a thing very important because can we dangerous for our ears, and we don’t realize about it, because for example, when we turn on music in the car, or in we place, raise the sound of the music, and don’t hear anything than ourselves!


Do we need high music?NO! If you’re walking down the street, listen a lot of noise always. Our ears ask us, why thay do this?an we  only can answer that: It’s because I keen on listen high music although that is bad to our health.Are we crazy?We thing so.


This year will be the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, will announce about the  noise at work,with the advert, ‘Stop that noise!’


We shouldn’t listen to music higher than 120 Db, but in our city, as in other, the sound exceeds the called ‘the threshold of pain’.


 We should do something for our health, because when we spoke about pollution, don’t accustomed to think of noise pollution but it’s as important as any kind of it.



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