64% of Spanish people doesn’t do sport

La Caixa Foundation has conducted a study called Sport, health and quality of life, which was introduced yesterday in Barcelona. According to the report. Spain is at the tail end of Europe as far as sport is concerned. Only one third of the population exercise (36%) and only 25% do so on a regular basis (three or more times per week). The figure is far below the average of most European countries, which in some cases, such as Finland or Sweden, their rates increased by two.

15% of Spanish ensures that you are interested in sport and has never practiced. These data, collected from surveys of more than 2,000 people confirmed the sedentary nature of the society of our country.

 Key points

  • Only 4 out of 10 (36%) Spanish people made some sporting activity.
  • Only 2 out of 10 (25%) do sports often.
  • These two rates are the lowest in Europe.
  • Lack of time, disinterest and work are reasons not to do sport.
  • The dedication to the sport increases with educational level and income.
  • Young people are most practitioners because physical education is a compulsory subject.

 What do you think about this topic?



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